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With every new batch, we add it to our tap collection. All are welcome to come by our brewery and give it a try before taking some home.

Dan Good Beer

9.5% ABV

This New England-style Double D IPA (the second D is for aDouble Dose of Dry-Hopping) is brewed to celebrate a love of flavor, technique,and exploring ingredients which excite our hearts and intellect along with ourtaste buds. Chef Dan McKenna of Taste Matters - the producer of Dan Good Jerky- inspired our brewers to seek out hops which brought a fresh look to hisfavorite style of beer. The result is a massive blend of Experimental 13459 and Citra used in thedry-hopping, giving off BIG beautiful notes of strawberry, peach, and citrus.It's a Dan Good Beer!

Sippy of Angels

4% ABV

This Hoppy Blonde Ale tiptoes the line between the ethereal and the substantially juicy, Light-bodied, but full of mind, it is intended to satiate incompletely. Dry-hopped with Sultana and Trident hops, it is engineered for all day Sippy Cuppin'. Sultana hops are described as having pineapple and citrus aromas, while Trident is a hop blend designed to provide tropical and passionfruit flavor. There may be some pear notes, but we don't know what a pear tastes like to you.

The Borough

4.1% ABV

You know we love our IPA's, but this lager is our love letter to the Borough of West Chester.Slightly lower strength than a typical German-style pils so you can enjoy a fewmore, but without compromising on flavor. Lightly hopped with Hallertau Blanc-a German hop, but not a traditional one.

Paint Some Wings

6.8% ABV

This New England-style IPA was brewed with Lotus hops and Lotus cryo hops. Lotus hops are described as having aromas of orange and vanilla, as well as candied grape and tropical fruit.

Drink Deep

4.9% ABV

This Hazy Session IPA brewed with oats and wheat
and dry-hopped with Citra cryo hops and Mosaic cryo hops. Notes of grapefruit zest, tropical fruit, and juicy citrus. A little bit of hops is a dangerous thing. Drink deep, or taste not the Beer-ian Spring.

The Wrong Crowd

When we came up with the name as a possibility for the brewery, our mothers pretty much forbade us from calling it anything else. For me, though, the name has a lot of meaning just in terms of having an outsider identity and being comfortable with that.

Brew For You

I’d say the closest thing to a guiding principle behind what we end up brewing is thinking about what we want to drink that we can’t already buy at the store.

West Chester’s first microbrewery with on-site brewing and canning operations is now up and running. Wrong Crowd Beer’s 5,000-square-foot pub and 15-barrel facility has a second-story mezzanine that overlooks the beer-making operation. The look is industrial, with poured concrete floors, a full bar, bench and bar seating, and picnic tables outside. “It took about a year to pull this location together from the beginning,” says Dan Shaw, who co-owns Wrong Crowd with fellow brewer Bob Bagonis. “But we know West Chester is a craft-beer-loving community, and we have faith that our product will help quench that thirst.”


Here at Wrong Crowd Beer Company we strive to make the finest quality beers that even the gods would envy. We have crafted our brews with the might from the hammer of Thor. So you know it's good.

Find Us

342 Hannum Ave

West Chester, PA


Mon & Tues Closed

Wed & Thurs 4pm-9pm

Fri 3pm-10pm

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Sunday 12pm -7pm

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